uuid, auto-generated, read-only

Internal identifier of the object within an array.


string, required

Possible values for Auction

  • notice - Auction notice

    The formal notice that gives details of an auction. This may be a link to a downloadable document, to a web page, or to an official gazette in which the notice is contained.

  • technicalSpecifications - Technical Specifications

    Detailed technical information about goods or services to be provided.

  • evaluationCriteria - Evaluation Criteria

    Information about how bids will be evaluated.

  • clarifications - Clarifications to bidders questions

    Including replies to issues raised in pre-bid conferences.

  • bidders - Information on bidders

    Information on bidders or participants, their validation documents and any procedural exemptions for which they qualify.

  • illustration - Illustrations

  • x_PublicAssetCertificate - Public Asset Certificate

    Information about the auction. It is a link to the Public Asset Certificate.

  • x_presentation - Presentation

    Presentation about an asset that is being sold.

  • x_nda - Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    A non-disclosure agreement between a participant and a bank/Deposit Guarantee Fund.

  • x_PlatformLegalDetails - Platform Legal Details

    Place and application forms for participation in the auction as well as bank details for transferring guarantee deposits.

  • x_dgfAssetFamiliarization - Asset Familiarization

    Goods examination procedure rules / Asset familiarization procedure in data room. Contains information on where and when a given document can be examined offline.

Possible values for Bid

  • commercialProposal - –°ommercial proposal

Commercial offers of the auction participants.

  • qualificationDocuments - Qualification documents

Documents confirming the qualification of the participant.

  • eligibilityDocuments - Eligibility documents

Documents confirming the compliance of the participant with the requirements.

  • financialLicense - License

A license that allows you to work with financial documents.

Possible values for Cancellation

  • cancellationDetails - Details of cancellation

Document containing information on the reasons for cancellation.

Possible values for Award

  • winningBid - Winning Bid

Documentation of the winning bid, including, wherever applicable, a full copy of the proposal received.

  • admissionProtocol - Admission Protocol

A protocol that allows a contestant to become a winner. Loaded when only one bid was made.

  • auctionProtocol - Auction protocol

Auction protocol describes all participants and determines the candidate (participant that has submitted the highest bid proposal during the auction).

  • rejectionProtocol - Rejection Protocol

Documents containing the reasons for termination of work with the participant.

  • act - Act

Documents containing the reasons for termination of work with the participant.

Possible values for Contract

  • contractSigned - Signed Contract

A copy of the signed contract. Consider providing both machine-readable (e.g. original PDF, Word or Open Document format files), and a separate document entry for scanned-signed pages where this is required.

  • contractAnnexe - Annexes to the Contract

Copies of annexes and other supporting documentation related to the contract.

  • rejectionProtocol - Rejection Protocol

Documents containing the reasons for termination of work with the participant.

  • act - Act

Documents containing the reasons for termination of work with the participant.

  • approvalProtocol - Approval Protocol

Final document of the privatization body regarding the privatization of the object.


string, multilingual, required

OpenContracting Description: The document title.


string, multilingual, optional

OpenContracting Description: A short description of the document. In the event the document is not accessible online, the description field can be used to describe arrangements for obtaining a copy of the document.


integer, optional

Sorting (display order) parameter used for illustrations. The smaller number is, the higher illustration is in the sorting. If index is not specified, illustration will be displayed the last. If two illustrations have the same index, they will be sorted depending on their publishing date.


string, optional

OpenContracting Description: The format of the document taken from the IANA Media Types code list, with the addition of one extra value for ‘offline/print’, used when this document entry is being used to describe the offline publication of a document.


string, auto-generated

OpenContracting Description: Direct link to the document or attachment.


string, Date, auto-generated

OpenContracting Description: The date on which the document was first published.


string, Date, auto-generated

OpenContracting Description: Date that the document was last modified


string, optional

OpenContracting Description: Specifies the language of the linked document using either two-digit ISO 639-1, or extended BCP47 language tags.


string, required

Possible values are:

  • auction
  • item

string, optional

Internal ID of related Item.